The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) represents the strategic interests of light electric vehicle retailers, dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers to promote the development, sale, and use of LEVs worldwide.

Our over 300 members worldwide receive support and educational resources to expand their businesses while initiating efforts to influence and adopt legislation, regulation, performance standards, promotion and general best practices in the light electric vehicle industry.

LEVA delivers and they are connected to the experts in the e-bike industry
— Michael Hoffarth

Level 1 basic training course and certificate is now available online.

 Level 1 is a 2-hour basic training course that provides an introduction for technicians to E-bikes, batteries, battery chargers, controllers, controls, displays, electric motors and wiring systems.
Details are at the LEVA CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN TRAINING page under the INFORMATION header at the top of the webpage.

Now available for general purchase!

Electric Bike Maintenance Manual by Dr. Don Gerhardt
      ISBN 978-00-9905228-05
 This is the same copy of the book on a USB drive each student
is provided with in the technician training courses.
  The manual has 19 chapters on various E-Bike systems
and components and includes over 50 appendices with technical service information and videos on diagnostics and battery testing.

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Here are some New Members....

Ego Vehicles Re-inventing Wheels Vince Pacifico eGO Vehicles 4500 Sycamore Rd. Atascadero, CA 93422 PH: (805) 464-4810 

Ego Vehicles

Re-inventing Wheels

Vince Pacifico

eGO Vehicles
4500 Sycamore Rd.
Atascadero, CA 93422
PH: (805) 464-4810 




LEVA is dedicated to spreading the word about our organization and its members. Just see what we are doing to get exposure for this industry!

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Electric Bike Technician Training at ProdecoTech by LEVA

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the LEVA E-Bike Technician Training at the ProdecoTech assembly facility in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

The training included general e-bike education, hands on troubleshooting, and more.  Plus, there was a tour of the new ProdecoTech e-bike assembly facility.

Find out more about the LEVA E-Bike Technician Training and the ProdecoTech assembly facility.

Iceland Challenge with Currie eFlow Bikes!

From June 17th to July 21st, Pedelec Adventures crossed the Nordic countryside of Iceland to show what’s possible on the sporty speed-pedelecs, eflow.

Film Screening in Honor of LEVA President Sidney Kuropchak