Board of Directors


Naveen Munjal (Managing Director of Hero Electric, a part of the Hero Eco Group, Chief Executive Officer of Hero Exports, the International Marketing arm of the group):  Naveen completed his post graduation from Huron University, in London and started his career as an apprentice with Land Rover of U.K. A forward thinking and dynamic entrepreneur, he has completed three successful stints within the HERO Group as Chief Executive, HERO Exports and Deputy Chief Executive of HERO Corporate Services Ltd. and HERO Cycles Ltd. He has worked in various sectors such as Automotive, Bicycles, International Marketing, Electric Vehicles, Business Process Outsourcing and IT Services and has been instrumental in the Group's foray into the IT Services and BPO Services. Hero Electric is the leading Electric Vehicle Company in India and has grown many folds in the last two years and attained Market Leader position in the EV market in a short span of time.  He has been spearheading Hero Eco now with a presence in 22 countries with the recent acquisition of Ultra Motors global brands - A2B and F4W.   With this acquisition, Hero Eco has amongst the largest range of Electric Two-Wheelers in the world.


Larry Pizzi (President & Managing Director, Currie Technologies):  Currie is the market leader of electric bicycles in North America. In January of 2012, Larry led the transition of Currie to a new strategic acquirer, Accell Group N.V., which is the largest producer of ebikes in Europe. Larry was formerly the Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing at Currie joining the company in May of 2002. Currie products are sold world-wide under the IZIP and eZip brands using "Currie Electro-Drive " propulsion systems. Prior to joining Currie and entering the LEV world, Larry has had a lifetime of experience within the bicycle industry. He was the Senior Vice President and General Manager at the Schwinn/GT Corporation and the General Manager at Fogdog Sports, a leading dot-com retailer of sporting goods. Larry has also held sales and marketing management roles within the Brunswick Corporation's bicycle division the former owner of Mongoose brand bicycles. He has also held Sales and Sales Management roles at Bell Sports, Service Cycle – Cycle Products Corporation and Raleigh Bicycles - Derby Cycle Corporation. He has owned and operated Bike-Tech, a successful chain of Specialty Retail stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1978 to 1990 and has served on the board of the National Bicycle Dealers Association as a Director.


Masao Ono (Tokyo R&D Co., Ltd., President and CEO-Japan):  Mr. Ono started designing racing cars when he was a student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1969, and has designed more than 20 racing cars including cars for Le Mans 24 hours and Formula One, before establishing Tokyo R&D in 1981 with several colleagues. Tokyo R&D is an independent engineering company specializing in the research and development of automobiles. Tokyo R&D founded PUES Corporation in 1999, and the purpose of PUES is to develop and to manufacture electric motor, inverter, controller, battery management system, and battery pack for hybrid and electric vehicles.  He serves as the president and CEO of both companies.  He also founded Vemac Car Company Ltd., in 1998. This company develops and manufactures low volume production sports cars and racing cars.


Dr. David T. Hon (Founder and CEO of Dahon Group-U.S.A):   Dr. Hon is a Chinese American and originally worked as a Sr. Physicist at Hughes Aircraft in California.  He was a leading expert in solid-state laser technology and his publications, including a chapter of the "Handbook of Lasers", are still widely quoted (Google: Laser, "D.T. Hon").  In 1982, after seeking ways to reduce Man's dependence on oil, he designed the first Dahon folding bike. He quit his job with the Military-Industrial Complex, gathered $3 million dollars in venture funding, relocated to Taiwan and started to design, manufacture and market worldwide his inventions. Today, four million bicycles later, Dahon folders can be found all over the world (Google: Bicycles Dahon).  Dr. Hon is also the Director of Southern China American Chamber of Commerce, among other professional and non-profit activities. Ph.D., Physics, University of Southern California.


Jack Oortwijn (Editor in Chief, Publication Manager, Bike Europe- Amsterdam):  After graduating with a Masters degree in retail marketing, Jack Oortwijn started his career at the Dutch Toyota and Suzuki importer in the communication department. As he was (and still is) an avid motorcyclist and through his contacts at the Suzuki importer he was asked to join the editorial staff of a motorcyclist magazine in 1979. This was also his start in journalism. From the motorcycle magazine he switched to the Dutch bike dealer magazine "Tweewieler" where he was editor-in-chief for about ten years. In 1996, Jack Oortwijn initiated Bike Europe which is now in its 12th year of publication and has developed into one of the leading trade journals for the bike industry.


Eddie Eccleston  Sales Director, Macom Bikes Ltd. A European bicycle manufacturer: 
Eccleston was previously International Sales and Marketing Director of Dahon, Managing Director of Ideal Bikes Ltd. Managing Director of Britain largest manufacturer Townsend Cycles (a member of the Tandem Plc. Group). Managing Director of Peugeot UK (cycle division).  He was the former President of the British Bicycle Association. Former President (a.i.) of the European Cycle Manufactures Association (COLIBI), and a former Board Member of the European Parts Manufactures Association (Coliped).



Richard Liang (Vice President, Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd. ):  Mr. Liang received his B.A. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and MBA degree from Nankai University in China. From the middle of 1999 to Oct. 2016, Mr. Liang worked at Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd., acting as Executive VP responsible for various functions such as corporate governance, strategy management, investment management, marketing and sales, manufacturing operation and supply chain, etc. Early in 2004, he initiated a strategic study program on "The Application of Lithium Ion Battery in Electric Vehicles”, and thus Lishen started its official engagement in the business of e-bike batteries in China. In the past 17 years, he visited most of the tier one customers in the world and helped Lishen become a leading player in the worldwide lithium ion battery industry. In November 2016, he joined Sunwoda as VP responsible for power battery business. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Sunwoda is a leading lithium battery supplier and went to public in Apr. 2011.

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Ed Benjamin, LEVA Founder and Chairman (eCycleElectric, Managing Director-USA):  An authority on light electric vehicle products and business since 1996. The 7 person team contains expertise in LEV engineering, product and technology development, sourcing, distribution and marketing of electric powered two wheel vehicles. Most of the team are bilingual, with extensive experience in cross cultural business, and networking across the global industry. The primary product of eCE is saved time in product development, business planning, and worldwide sourcing - resulting in substantial savings in money and effort. Consultant to electric vehicle builders, motor companies, battery companies, motor controller companies, importers and distributors of small electric vehicles. Services are performed on a fee for service, project basis.  His previous senior management employment was with American Electric Cycle and Fitness, WaveCrest Labs and EV Rider and 39 years experience in the USA bicycle industry. Mr. Benjamin has a 1981 B.A. Education, University of Kentucky, USA, and speaks Mandarin level 3.