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E-Bike Information & Reviews

Bicycle Commuters
If you are a bicycle commuter and want to connect with others and learn about the world of commuting, visit Run by Arleigh Jenkins, this site focuses on the use of ebikes for using ebikes as a replacement for a car and not so much as a replacement for a pedal-powered bike. You will also find a year long evaluation and on a year long review on 5 models of electric bikes here. Sign up for their newsletter here.

Owners of E-Bikes in the UK
Thinking of buying an electric bike? Check our owners' stories at You will find a series of user submitted real life stories about how electric bikes have changed their lives for the better. Really great stuff!

E-Bike Consumer Studies
Roni Pozner, a young LEV enthusiast living in Haifa, Israel manages a website to help consumers decide what products are best for them at

Active LEV Links
For active links in the world of power assisted bicycles go to for lots of interesting info! Run by LEVA member Keith Shockley.

E-Bike Reviews
LEVA member Peter Prebus manages this website to encourage the use of electric bikes instead of a car on some trips: Check it out!

 If you want the most up to date news, reviews, and information on electric bikes, conversion kits, scooters and motorcycles go to

For our Spanish speaking members and prospective members, check out where LEVA member Andres Moreno keeps the LEV world up to date.

For our Hebrew speaking members and prospective members, check out where you will find general information on LEVs from LEVA member Yitzhak Kimchi.


Discussion Forums

Electric cyclists have a home all their own at with news and discussion forums.

TwoSpoke Bike & Cycling Forum - Bicycle Forum and Reviews for all types of Bikes. Ebike, road, mountain, BMX, recumbent and more at

Another good forum to check out is where you will find another gathering of light electric vehicle enthusiasts.



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