Do you sell light electric vehicles in your shop? As a dealer, you can join LEVA for only $100 per year and have your name, logo and contact information on our website and in our newsletter. You can gain access to information and marketing tools to help grow your business. You can also contribute towards promoting electric vehicles around the world which in turn helps us all.



Helpful Hints for Success

Here are a few items we put together to assist you in becoming a successful light electric vehicle dealer!

How to Greet Your Customers
Hear how Don DiCostanzo of Pedego Electric Bikes greets potential e-bike customers when they walk in a store!  Click here.

How to Legally Ship Lithium Batteries
Shipping Lithium Batteries? Inbound and outbound? Are you in compliance? Please read.

How to Make Money Selling E-Bikes in the US

- Making Money When the Customers are Old, Fat, and Gasoline is $4 per Gallon! Check out what Ed Benjamin has to say about why it is time for American IBDs to take part in this exciting time.

- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Electric Bicycles by Mike Wolf, a successful IBD selling electric bikes in the northeast

- The Rise of the Commuter and E-Bike Specialist Shop: Interview with Bert Cebular (former owner of NYCE Wheels) by Pete Prebus

Get Listed in the Electric Bicycle Magazine Directory
Dealers: Get yourself known through the "Electric Bike Shops & Service Centers." directory in Electric Bicycle Magazine. It's FREE. Just email (or suggest to the shop owner that he do so) shop name, address, phone number and email address and photo if available. Or write to: and talk to LEVA Member Henry Holcomb, Editor.

Canadian Buying Cooperative
If you are a Canadian dealer, make sure you check out the Lambert Company, a buying cooperative for over 1,500 dealers across Canada. Check them out here.

E-Bike Dealer Insurance
Dealers and Retailers! Looking for a bike shop specific insurance plan (business owners’ policy with tailored coverage) that is endorsed by NBDA, Trek, and QBP?

Contact: Scott Chapin
Bike & Ski Industry Risk Specialist

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