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Industry Information and Trends

At the Light Electric Vehicle Association, we strive to provide our members with useful and current information about the industry and its products, people and companies. We are also actively researching trends, sales volumes, and statistics. We hope as a loyal member, you can take advantage of the knowledge we have provided.

Battery Information

- Examining The Battery Quality and Standards for LEVs in Asia
Presentation by Vivian Wei of eCycleElectric Consultants, 2012

- Understanding E-Bike Batteries and Charging Systems
Presentation by Casey Binz of eMoto, 2010

- Suppliers of High Power Lithium Batteries
Presentation by Schmuel DeLeon, 2010

- NEMA urges compliance with regulations, opposes proposal to ban lithium batteries
Article published in Battery Power Products & Technology, 2009

- Key issues surrounding lithium batteries: Shipping, Chemistry Comparisons, Benefits, etc.
Presentation by Peter Sveum & Scott Novack of All Cell Technologies, 2012

- How to Legally Ship Batteries in the US: Inbound and Outbound 
Presentation by Scott Novack of All Cell Technologies, 2012

Controller Information

- Controllers
Presentation by Rob Lankin, 2010

Cycling Information

Cycling, the way ahead for towns and cities
Handbook on how to increase the use of bicycles, published by the European Commission

Light Electric Vehicle Information

- What Constitutes "Made In the USA"? 
by Paul M. Laurenza, Esq. of Dykema, 2013

- Emerging Technology Trends and Innovation Processes for the Low Carbon Economy: Innovation system for the transport sector - aspects of electric two wheelers
by Duncan Kay, Senior Technical Consultant of Transport, 2013

- Presto Policy Guidelines for Electric Bicycles in Europe
Prepared by ETRA, 2010

- Electric Bikes Keep People Mobile
Fact Sheet published by ETRA, 2009

- The Transition To Electric Bikes In China  
History And Key Reasons For Rapid Growth by LEVA Member Jonathan Weinart

- Confusion Equals Opportunity: The Current State of E-Bike Law 
Seminar by ICLA, 2011

- LEV Worldwide: Status and Next Generation LEVs
Presentation by Ed Benjamin, 2009

- Electric Bikes Have a Bright Future
Presentation by Ed Benjamin, 2009

- LEVs Worldwide: Status and Next Generation
Presentation by Ed Benjamin of eCycleElectric Consultants, 2009

- Federal Policy Opportunities to Promote Electric Bikes and Light Electric Vehicles
Presentation by ICLA, 2010

- The 2012 US Bicycle Marketplace
Presentation by Marc Sani, Editor of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, 2012

- Opportunities and Challenges for the Asian Bicycle and E-Bike industry in the USA
Presentation by Casey Binz of eMoto, 2012

- US Compliance and Product Liability Issues for Bicycle Manufacturers and Importers 
Presentation by Paul M. Laurenza, Esq. of Dykema, 2012

What Support Should Dealers Expect From Their eBike Suppliers?

- Marketing by Larry Pizzi, Currie Tech (Accell Group), 2012
- Warranty & Maintenance by Chris Connelly, 2012
- Training & Education by Alex Coulombe, BionX, 2012

- How to Make Money Selling Electric Bikes
Seminar by Mike Wolf of Bloomfield Bikes, Don DiConstanzo of Pedego, and Larry Pizzi of Currie Tech (Accell Group), 2011.

- Confusion Equals Opportunity: The Current State of E-Bike Law
Presentation by Matt Moore, Eric Fingerhut and Mary Beth McGowan, 2011

- Service Tips for Electric Bikes: Providing Good Service and Educating the Consumer
Presentation by Alex Coulombe, Anthony Ciulla and Josh Levy, 2011

Motor Information

- Understanding Motors
Presentation By Jeffrey Ho, 2010

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