Bicycle Dealer

A complimentary subscription to Bicycle Dealer Magazine (published in the USA) is available to the owner of every independent bicycle dealership. And an unlimited number of Digital Edition subscriptions are available to anyone in the bicycle industry.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN)

Bicycle Retailer & Industry News (ISSN 1069-8493, USPS 010-073) is published 18 times a year: Monthly in January,  February and September through December; twice monthly March through August. Published by NBDA Services, Inc., 3176 Pullman St., Suite 117, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

A subscription in the U.S. is $68 per year. A one-year foreign subscription, payable in U.S. dollars, is $82 in Canada and Mexico; for all other countries (airmail only), a one year subscription is U.S. $182; two-year subscriptions are: U.S. $109; Canada/Mexico,$131; international, $291.

Bike Europe


Bike Europe is the leading journal for everyone involved in the bike and light electric vehicle business. With news, market reports, EU laws and regulation, show (p)reviews and much more.


China Bike & E-Vehicle

The only Asian magazine published in English that is heavily focused on light electric vehicles. Download the latest edition here.


Cycle Press

Specialized magazine with the full bicycle industry’s information all over the world, especially for Asia such as Japan, Taiwan and China.




Another new publication from the UK, focusing completely on electric bikes. Each issue provides extensive editorial coverage – interviews / technical information / bike reviews and general opinion.

Electric Bicycles Magazine

Check out this new electric bike magazine published in the USA and see their featured article on Top 6 Electric Bikes Under $1,000.

Electric Bike Magazine

From the publishers of Velo Vision, comes Electric Bike. This UK magazine delivers an editorial message strongly supporting independent, expert dealers and quality suppliers.

Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports

by Frank Jamerson, Ph.D. with Ed Benjamin, 2013  edition, issue March 2013, has 270 pages with 350 photos and tables about electric bikes and electric scooters and EV technology with sales estimates by region/country.  Single price of $595 includes 2014 Update, issue February 2014, that has 50 pages with 65 photos/tables.   EBWR estimates worldwide EB sales at 35 million for 2014 and 40 million in 2023.  Auto companies are starting to sell EBs and ESs in Europe and USA. USA EB stores growth is up to 900 locations.  Contact Frank Jamerson at for purchase. Payment by company check, PayPal or bank transfer accepted. Details at

Go Pedelec! Handbook

Published by ExtraEnergy 2012

GoPedelec! is a collaborative project supported by the EU as part of Intelligent Energy Europe with the aim of promoting the use of pedelecs. The Go Pedelec! handbook aims to assist in the making of well informed purchase decisions and to provide ideas, inspiration and real-world examples for the further dissemination of pedelecs in wider society. The publication is divided into six sections: Markets & Trends, Technology, Buying, Promotion, Health & Environment, Standards & Regulations. The Go Pedelec! handbook offers an introduction to the subject of pedelecs and their potential for society and the economy, to their promotion as products, and to their problems and opportunities.

Free downloads in Czech, Dutch, English, Hungarian, and Italian are available here.


German bicycle trade paper


Saz Bike

German bicycle trade magazine


The Dutch trade-paper for the two-wheel industry



Batteries Database
Free Battery Industry news mailing: Anyone who wants to receive a free updated battery industry news and updated industry events, please email LEVA member Shmuel De-Leon at And check out his battery focused websites at and

Bicycle Power
For active links in the world of power assisted bicycles go to for lots of interesting info! Run by LEVA member Keith Shockley.

Bicycling Info
American information center on everything to do with cycling for pedestrians and cyclists at

Visit and sign up for BikeBiz's newsletter and forum. This site is for everyone in the bicycle industry, especially retailers.

American bicycle and cycling portal at

Commute by Bike
A new up and coming site, run by Arleigh Jenkins, focuses on the use of ebikes for commuting or rather using ebikes as a replacement for a car not so much a replacement for a pedal powered bike.

Swiss information channel for the bike trade with news about business, products and cycling at

Cycling Industry News
Articles and stories affecting the cycling industry

EBR Forums
Electric bicycle forums focused on commercially available models, less technical than Endless Sphere but more approachable and inviting for those new to the space:

An international consulting group that specializes in light electric vehicles. Their site at offers information, trends and a blog. They also offer a subscription-based insider newsletter for a nominal fee.

Electric Bike Building
Check out LEVA member Daniel Woodard's blog on and see what he has to say on how to create an electric bike from concept to finished product.

Electric Bike Report
LEVA member Peter Prebus manages this website to encourage the use of electric bikes instead of a car on some trips: Check it out!

Electric Bike Review
Independent electric bike reviews with video, photographs and specs for each model conducted by Court Rye at
Check out for a great review of all things light and electric. Rob Means has been monitoring the LEV world for many years and there is a lot of helpful information for consumers and dealers.

Electric Vehicle Rider
If you want the most up to date news, reviews, and information on electric bikes, conversion kits, scooters and motorcycles go to

European Voice
Specialist European newspaper at

EV World
EV World is an online magazine for electric vehicle enthusiasts at

Endless Sphere
This forum covers a huge variety of topics on the electric vehicle market in general with special sections on electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles:

Portal with EU news, policy positions and EU actors online at

form f blog
Want to see what ebike designer, Johanna Tiffe, thinks what e-bikes will look like in ten years? Check out her blog here.

German websites
For our German speaking members, check out there two websites, E-bike Info and Ebike news.

Want to know more about the future of light electric vehicles? Check out the recent release by LEVA Member IDTechEx of Light Electric Vehicles 2011-2021.

LEV Infographic
Ever want data on how many LEVs are out there? Check out this cool infographic (2010) supplied by LEVA member Lee Whitfield. Click here.

UK Pedelec Forum
Geared toward electric bicycles:

trade publication on/for the German bicycle market at

The European network for cycling expertise at


European motorcycle manufacturers’ association

Bikes Belong
Bikes Belong's mission is to put more people on bicycles more often.

European association for bicycle manufacturers

European association for manufacturers and importers of bicycle components and accessories

European cyclists’ association

The Electric Drive Transportation Association is a trade association for the four wheeled electric vehicle industry.

Non-profit association working on a standardized set of connectors, which safely connects electric components of light electric vehicles, such as batteries, chargers, motors, sensors, human interface.

The European Cycle Route Network Eurovelo
Study commisssioned by the European Parliament on cycling tourism

Extra Energy
Extra Energy's purpose is to conduct independent product testing of light electric vehicles, communicate findings have a point of reference as to where their product is placed in the competitive field. ExtraEnergy is working to grow the market by organizing LEV supporting programs for leading trade shows since 1995, as well as organizing the LEV-Conference series since 1995.

European motorcyclists’ association

Centre of expertise on bicycle policy

Informal Dutch group of cycling advocates who try to get more attention for cycling in policies by publishing background information on their website.

International motorcycling federation

The Framebuilders' Collective
A peer group of career craftspeople who support and promote ethical professional framebuilder practices

Global Alliance for EcoMobility
Partnership for the integrated promotion of walking, cycling, wheeling and ‘passenging’ (the use of public transport) in cities. ETRA is one of the members of the Global Alliance.

League of American Bicyclists
League of American Bicyclists is a member organization that protects your rights as a cyclist and is heavily into USA legislation.

American bicycle retailers’ association

Network of European cities and regions, which promotes, supports and advocates innovation in local transport

Rails to Trails
Rails-to-trails conservancy in the US

TwoSpoke Bike & Cycling Forum
Bicycle Forum and Reviews for all types of Bikes. Road, mountain, BMX, recumbent and more

International Cycling Union

European associaton of craft, small and medium-sized enterprises