LEVA E-Bike Technician Training and Certification

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The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program consists of 4 levels of training and certification. The training has been developed for LEVA by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and E-Bike manufacturers. The training is based on training developed on battery systems and electric vehicles for universities and community colleges by Dr. Gerhardt. Read Dr. Gerhardt's bio.

Edward Benjamin teaches many of the courses. He has worked in bicycle shops as a mechanic and store owner since 1969. For the last 20 years he has been involved in sourcing and technical issues as a consultant to the industry. 

The Syllabus for the course is the same in any location or with either instructor. But the instructors will add material and information from their particular backgrounds. Dr. Gerhardt is more engineering and science, Ed Benjamin is more bike shop, bike mechanic and maximizing profitability. 

Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Due to the equipment intensive nature of the LEVA Technician Training Courses, it is no longer possible to offer classes in various locations about the USA. We are offering them in Fort Myers Florida, Danville Virginia, and in Winston - Salem North Carolina. The syllabus for all the classes is the same. We cover levels 1-4 in a two day period. 

In Fort Myers, the course is taught by Ed Benjamin. Ed has been a bike mechanic and bike shop owner for decades, as well as a consultant to the electric bike industry for over 20 years. His course has additional material focused on bike shop issues, bicycle mechanical issues, and making money on ebike repairs in the bike shop. 

In North Carolina and Virginia, the course is taught by Dr. Don Gerhardt. Dr. Gerhardt is the founder of the course, and an engineer. He is the author and publisher of the book used in the course. Dr. Gerhardt's course has additional material on batteries, and is more in depth on battery and motor technologies. 

Fort Myers, FL:

2/17/18 - 2/18/18

3/17/18 - 3/18/18

4/21/18 - 4/22/18

5/19/18 - 5/20/18

6/23/18 - 6/24/18

Other dates TBA

Danville, VA

10/18/18 - 10/19/18

Level 1 LEVA Technician Training Course now available online!

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The course and glossary are free, but there is a $50 fee to take the exam and for the certificate.
To acquire your certificate work thru the presentation and
- email us at Info@LEVAssociation.com with your shipping address
- pay $50 fee thru Paypal to Paypal@LEVAssociation.com

- note reduced price offer for Exam and Electric Bike Maintenance Manual below


Purchase the Electric Bike Maintenance Manual by Dr. Don Gerhardt at a reduced price for members taking the level 1 online course. Save $10.


This is the same copy of the book on a USB drive each student
is provided with in the level 1-4 technician training courses.
The manual has 19 chapters on various E-Bike systems
and components and includes over 50 appendices with technical
service information and videos on diagnostics and battery testing.
To Order
-send an an e-mail to Info@LEVAssociation requesting the exam and book with your shipping address
-make Paypal payment of $100.00 to Paypal@LEVAssociation
-we will email your exam and your copy of the book on a USB stick will be shipped within 2 days

Level 2 Course

Level 2 is an 8-hour intermediate training course that includes both class room instruction and hands on training. Students learn electrical theory, how E-Bike components function, how to diagnose failures on all the components and how to replace failed electrical components. Students learn how to set up E-Bikes, solder, make electrical connections, use multimeters, use DC clamp on meters, use motor-controller-throttle testers and how to install and interpret data from the Cycle Analyst power meter during the hands on training. A Level 2 tool kit is available for purchase (USD $750) following the class. An E-bike and a bike test stand which are required for the course will be provided.  

Level 3 Course

Level 3 is an 8-hour advanced training course that includes both class room instruction and hands on training. Students learn how to diagnose complex failures and repair the components. Students learn how to operate a computer controlled battery analyzer to determine the precise capacity of bicycle batteries. The student will be able to provide battery analyses to their customers and advise when it is time to replace the battery. A Level 3 tool kit is available for purchase (USD $1,500) following the class. The Level 3 tool kit includes a computerized battery analyzer, advanced software, data logger for the Cycle Analyst and tools to repair E-Bike components. An E-bike, bike test stand, computer and printer which are required for the course will be provided. 

Level 4 Course

Level 4 is a new course offered by LEVA in 2015, in which students will learn about e-bike connectivity. Dealing predominantly with software troubleshooting, wifi and smart phone connectivity, this course will allow students to handle software related problems their customers bring to them, as well as preparing students for the future as e-bikes become more and more interlinked with other technologies.

Course Pricing

Levels 1-4 Package Price for LEVA members is USD $550. 
Levels 1-4 Price for non member: $700