The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) represents the strategic interests of light electric vehicle retailers, dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers to promote the development, sale, and use of LEVs worldwide. 

Members receive support and educational resources to expand their businesses while initiating efforts to influence and adopt legislation, regulation, performance standards, promotion and general best practices in the light electric vehicle industry. 

Our purpose is to provide a service to light electric vehicle companies by helping to establish a favorable operating environment through legislation and regulations, by providing a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues, the promotion of technical standards, and by providing information to assist them in the promotion of their business.


Light electric vehicle industry expert, Ed Benjamin, saw a need in an emerging trade to bring LEV focused companies together for the sake of the better good. He realized that individually these companies were a small voice, but banded together, we could all make a difference. He decided to create a viable and important organization that would respond to the needs of its members, become the voice of the global LEV industry and in turn, promote LEVs across the globe. 


 Ed Benjamin Founder and Chairman

Ed Benjamin
Founder and Chairman

 Sid Kuropchak Co-Founder and Former Executive Director

Sid Kuropchak
Co-Founder and Former Executive Director

Ed Benjamin hired Sid Kuropchak in November 2008 as the executive director and financed the start up of LEVA. Sid worked diligently for over 4 years to build the association and provide essential education and benefits to its members.

Because of her great efforts, LEVA grew to over 250 members from over 29 countries. Sid put her heart and soul into creating an association that the industry could be proud of and she in every way succeeded.



Sid was respected and admired by all who came into contact with her. Alas, Sid lost her battle with cancer in August of 2013. Her legacy lives on in the organization through awards and a scholarship program established in her name.




Work Plan


Short Term Goals


  • Promote the global LEV industry
  • Become the voice of member companies
  • Build our membership base
  • Seek corporate sponsors in addition to membership dues
  • Update website on a continual basis in response to members' interests


Mid-Term Goals


  • Cooperate and participate in trade shows and LEV events to promote the LEV industry: Taipei Cycle Show, China Cycle Show, Eurobike (Friedrichshafen, Germany), Interbike (USA), and Intermot (Germany).
  • Host Member networking dinners, technical committee meetings, events and seminars.
  • Build alliances with Bikes Belong, NBDA, BPSA, Electric Drive Organization, League of American Bicyclists, Extra Energy, SMEV, ETRA and other international organizations.
  • Provide webinars to members of the LEV community on topics such as legally shipping lithium batteries, how to successfully sell electric bikes and make money, and the repair & service of LEVs.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information and a place for member to member business advancement opportunities.
  • Foster volunteer committees to address areas of interest of members (Performance Standards, North American Legislative, Promotion & Education)


Longer Term Goals


  • Become a technical center for guidance and advice on regulatory developments.
  • Become a research and statistical center, publish reports, and provide reports on LEVs.
  • Develop standards in service, quality and performance testing.
  • Develop educational courses to improve the service capabilities of dealers and retailers.
  • Assess the LEVA's role of becoming an accreditation body for service qualifications either to individuals or service organizations.
  • Assist in the understanding of national / regional homologation and testing requirements.