Control Point Corporation


15 years experience developing electric and hybrid electric solutions for ebike and vehicle systems.    

110 Castilian Drive, Suite 200    
Goleta, CA 93117    
Phone: 1-805-882-1884    
Fax: 1-805-882-1883    
Contact: Paul Donohoe
Website: www.control-pt.com


Chen Ding Wu is the owner of EV+, a company that specializes in the sale and support of electric two wheelers used by the food delivery business     of China. He is sometimes called the "Pizza Box King of China" as his equipment     and ideas have become ubiquitous among restaurants ranging from Pizza Hut    
and KFC to local dumpling shops and Thai restaurants. Read more here.

Email: ebikebox@ebikebox.net.cn
Website: www.ebikebox.com


Fraenkelufer 38c    
D, 10999 Berlin, Germany    
Phone: +49 (0)16091706780
Email: nhaller@idberlin.com
Website: www.idberlin.com

IDbike BV 

Alphenseweg 2D    
5133 NE Riel    
Phone: +31 13 5300 386    
Fax: +31 13 5300 466    
Website: www.idbike.com



Testing and certifications organization, with dedicated teams focused on electric vehicle systems, chargers and EV-charging infrastructure, as well as battery performance, safety, and abuse testing.

45000 Helm Street, Suite 150   
Plymouth TWP, MI 48170
United States
Phone: +1-734-582-2900  
Fax: +1-734-582-2901   
Website: www.intertek.com/automotive

ROBRADY Design   

Custom vehicle designs in the LEV marketplace

Rob Brady      
CEO / Design Director      
Phone: 1-941-359-6656 
Website:  www.robrady.com

Saturna Green Systems

Brings the benefits of mobile connectivity to electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. Saturna’s Platform includes many features specially designed for electric vehicles (EVs), that resolve range and charging anxiety, and make EV ownership more economical, practical, and fun.

2070 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: +1 800.257.1759
E-Mail: dschwartz@saturnagreen.com


Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

UL is a premier global independent safety science company with more than 120 years of history. Employing more than 11,000 professionals with customers in over 100 countries, UL is continually expanding to meet the needs of our customers and to deliver on our public safety mission. Our fully equipped test facilities and team of highly qualified engineers provide testing and certification of automotive & electric vehicle (EV) & Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) components and systems including off board chargers, connectors, motors, inverters, batteries and battery components for manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.
For more information on UL’s network of 95 laboratory, testing,
and certification facilities, go to UL.com.

333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 1-847-664-1422
Email: Chris.Pauly@ul.com
Website: www.ul.com

Walberg GmbH (EGRET)


Walberg Projektmanagement GmbH is specialized in bringing emobility projects alive. They have 10 years of experience in producing, homologating and designing electric scooters. Their latest and own e-scooter project is called EGRETone.

Schulterblatt 35
20357 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 178 312 26 28
Email: fw@walberg-gmbh.com
Website:  www.walberg-gmbh.com

Contact: Florian Walberg